hi! my name is kristin and here are some facts about me and information about the services I provide:

  • born and raised in Washington D.C. (the city not the suburbs)
  • former lawyer (7 years), NYU Law School graduate
  • venice beach, CA is where we live (my husband, 2 kids – age 5 (girl) and 8 (boy) and our dog Penda)
  • my husband and I volunteered in Africa on our honeymoon
  • running and exercise are important to me
  • morning coffee is a fav but so is friday happy hour
  • YouTube videos taught me how to sew
  • the beach is my happy place
After my first baby, I knew I did not want to lawyer anymore.  It just wasn’t my true passion. So I took a major leap of faith, and with the support of my husband, I quit.  Financially, it was difficult, but we both knew I would find my way.  With more time at home, I started organizing, re-decorating and ultimately remodeling my own home.  I LOVE to keep our home fresh, which means our home accessories are constantly changing, including the pillows.  SO . . . naturally (haha), I taught myself to sew to keep up with my pillow obsession. Family and friends suggested I sell my pillows.  So I did.  I found my TRUE PASSION!  I blog, I make pillows and I style products.


I carefully source beautiful fabrics, mostly vintage, for my pillows.  I cut each pattern and every pillow is handmade in my backyard studio.  I visit local shops and flea markets to source the fabrics and the other home accessories for my shop.

product stylist/blog:

I collaborate with others to help spread the word about their brands.  I work with home interior, fashion and kid products.  I only work with brands that are authentic to my feed, which means I only work with brands I truly LOVE.  I post about the products on instagram and my blog to help increase their audience and give my audience a head’s up about these awesome products!

interior design:

Pillows:  Feel free to email me pictures of your beds, couches, etc. and I will work with you (you, your designer, etc.) to create the perfect arrangement of pillows for your space and your personality.
E-Design/Interior Design: Good news!  I hired a super talented employee – Elle Young – and now have availability to take on new clients!  Please send me an email to receive pricing and process details.  Thank you!

thank you SO MUCH for reading about me and what I do.